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Current Majors and Minors

Current Majors And Minors Are Ready To Mentor You

If you are undecided about a German major or minor, or even if you are already a declared German major or minor, you will have the opportunity to meet a German upper classman once a quarter for a meal in a local restaurant paid for by the department. These mentoring sessions are designed to give you insights into the program from the point of view of an upper classman: You will learn more about relevant German curricula, programs, undergraduate research, internships, and study abroad opportunities from students who have direct, recent personal experience with these issues. If you have any questions about this program or would like to meet an upper classman for a meal, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.







Anderson Megan WCAS German | Chemistry Global Health June 2018
Austin Kyle WCAS German | Economics June 2018
Holl Nina WCAS German Psychology June 2018
Kobin William JOURNALISM German | Journalism June 2018
Krall Anne WCAS German | Religious Studies June 2018
Luczak Amber WCAS German | Biology Religion June 2018
Nagahara Miki MUSIC German | Violin Performance June 2018
Sheridan Michael WCAS German | Psychology June 2018
Singh Devesh WCAS German June 2018
Albers John MCCORMICK Computer Science Business German June 2018
Belkaya Giz WCAS Economics Business German June 2018
McBain William MC CORMICK Chemical Engineering Business German June 2018
Biswas Hrid WCAS Statistics German June 2018
Chatterton Courtney WCAS Cognitive Science German June 2018
Hartnett Hayley WCAS Psychology | Economics German June 2018
Jain Aditya MC CORMICK Industrial Engineering German June 2018
Shang Jiaqi WCAS Biology German June 2018
Van Cleve Sarah JOURNALISM Journalism German June 2018
Vasconelles Alexander WCAS Political Science | Business Institutions German June 2018
Lencioni Sophia WCAS German | Comparative Literature June 2019
Matsuda Sabrina WCAS German | Linguistics June 2019
Mohr Katrin COMMUNICATION German | RTVF June 2019
Dinegar Sarah WCAS German | Neuroscience June 2019
Rosenzweig Sofie WCAS History | Environmental Science German June 2019
Daiter Maya WCAS Undeclaired German June 2020
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