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German at Northwestern

Two German majors at convocation

We offer a broad spectrum of courses either in English or in German in an effort to serve not only potential majors or minors but also students from different fields within the College and from other schools across campus. It is our goal to expose students in our classes to a variety of learning approaches, content areas, and texts to foster a rich understanding of the language, the history, and the culture of the German-speaking world.

A Unique Department


Award-winning Instructors

We have an exceptional teaching faculty, who make every effort to approach learning from a variety of angles to offer classes that are engaging and motivating, intellectually fulfilling, and, at the same time, broaden and deepen learning.
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Outstanding Research Faculty

Our faculty are engaged in a range of projects, many involving cross-disciplinary issues, such as critical theory, theories of reading, psychoanalysis, Jewish studies, the history of science, and the role of technology in learning and teaching in the field of Second Language Acquisition.
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Progressive Learning Environment

The department recognizes that in addition to exposure to various classroom learning situations and scenarios, learners need a variety of learning situations including opportunities to use the target language with native speakers in the target culture to progress their learning.
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News and Events



Summer Study Abroad

There are two affiliated summer programs in Germany:

  1. Berlin - Global City in the Center of Europe
  2. Munich - Finding Nano: Nanoscience, Research and Industry in German

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Upcoming Events

Meet the Director of Undergraduate Studies

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Evanston

Meeting for students who need to take the placement exam, would like to discuss placement results, need to validate the placement resul...

The Academic Directions Fair

1:30 PM - 4:00 PM, Evanston

For students who are interested in studying German or who want to know more about the German department.

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Latest News

Departmental Awards
Anna Parkinson receives Distinguished Teaching Award for 2017-2018
Denise Meuser Promoted to Full Professor of Instruction
Sarah Dinegar Receives Undergraduate Research Grant

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