Minor in German Studies

The German Studies minor is for students with limited German language skills who are interested in learning more about German culture, literature and thought. Students minoring in German Studies take 8 courses in the department or abroad (you may count up to 4 courses from a year abroad and 2 courses from a semester abroad towards your German Studies minor).

Worksheet for Minor in German Studies


  • 102-3 or equivalent proficiency

Department Courses (8 courses)

  • 2 German-language courses in advanced language and introductory culture
    • 2 at the 200 level (German 201, 203, 205, 207, or 209)
  • 6 courses comprising an individual concentration develop in conjunction with the undergraduate advisor. Students are encouraged to draw the courses for the German Studies Minor from a wide array of disciplines, from Art History and Gender Studies to Philosophy and Sociology. Up to three courses can be in a complementary language such as Yiddish, Turkish, or Czech.