Current Majors and Minors

Current Majors And Minors Are Ready To Mentor You

If you are undecided about a German major or minor, or even if you are already a declared German major or minor, you will have the opportunity to meet a German upper classman once a quarter for a meal in a local restaurant paid for by the department. These mentoring sessions are designed to give you insights into the program from the point of view of an upper classman: You will learn more about relevant German curricula, programs, undergraduate research, internships, and study abroad opportunities from students who have direct, recent personal experience with these issues. If you have any questions about this program or would like to meet an upper classman for a meal, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.







Apt Austin WCAS German June 2016
Carter Chad Music German|Music Performance Music Technology June 2016
Douglas Sam Communication German|Theater June 2016
Elvove Zachary WCAS German|History|American Studies June 2016
Felder Mary WCAS German|Political Science June 2016
Kramer Max Communication German|Theater June 2016
Levy Michael WCAS German|English June 2016
Madvig Samuel WCAS German|Economics June 2016
Wernick Gabriel Music German|Voice June 2016
Bohlmann Kunz Miriam WCAS Chemistry German June 2016
Carney John WCAS History|Math German June 2016
Carrasco Haidee WCAS Sociology Business German June 2016
Chen Tony WCAS Economics Business German June 2016
Geisendorfer Nicholas McCormick Material Science German June 2016
Palecek Petr WCAS Psychology|Economics Business German June 2016
Rodzak Katherine McCormick Biomedical Engineering Business German June 2016
Tyson David WCAS Economics|Intern. Studies German June 2016
Zellner Ken-Terika WCAS Philosophie|Legal Studies German June 2016
Jordan Britt WCAS German|Legal Studies June 2017
Lee Sarah SESP German|Human Dev.|Psychology June 2017
Petkov Toni WCAS German|Biology June 2017
Sheprherd Jordan Communication German|Communication Studies June 2017
Carroll Hannah WCAS Economics|Vocal Performance German June 2017
Koch Haley McCormick MaDE German June 2017
Nussdorf Jacob Music Comp Lit. German June 2017
Quant Brian McCormick Manufact.|Design Eng. German June 2017
Anderson Megan WCAS German|Chemistry June 2018
Holl Nina WCAS German Psychology June 2018
Jukic Marco WCAS German|Economics June 2018
Sheridan Michael WCAS German|Psychology June 2018
Han Claire WCAS Economics Business German June 2018
Kobin William JOUR Journalism German June 2018
Kulick Natasha WCAS Neuroscience German June 2018
Shang Jiaqi WCAS Biology German June 2018
Amber Luczak WCAS German|Biology Religion June 2019