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German Majors and Minors are graduating this Week!

This year, the department will welcome 19 German majors and minors into our ever growing and active alumni group. Here you can meet these dedicated students, read about their future plans, why they studied German and what mattered most about their German studies.

Evening O'Skits

On Tuesday, May 17, students and faculty in the German department celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Evening O'Skits, a traditional theatrical event in German. Bill Anthony, a former faculty member in the German Department, founded the annual skit tradition as well as the Mikrolog 30 years ago. View a video of the Evenign O'Skits and read about Bill Anthony's other achievements.

Kaplan Institute Fellows for 2016-2017

Assistant Professor Erica Weitzman was chosen to be a Kaplan Institute Fellow for next year. Professor Weitzman's project is called, "At the Limit of the Obscene: Realism, Aesthetics, Profanation". Congratulations!!

Forum for Languages and Culture

The Forum for Languages and Cultures in the Buffett Institute supports local and global initiatives that offer opportunities for students, faculty and staff to participate in language and culture-based activities gto expand the study of foreign languages and cultures beyond the classroom.