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Courses For A Variety Of Students

students looking at mobile devicesThe Department of German offers courses with three separate goals, giving students a choice in satisfying their educational needs and interests.

First-and second-year German courses are for students who wish to acquire basic knowledge of the German language (either to fulfill the college language requirement or to continue their German studies in the department or both) an opportunity to learn with instructors who approach learning from a variety of angles and include extracurricular activities on and off campus. In these courses, students are exposed to different styles of written and spoken language and to the culture and people of German-speaking countries.

German courses on the 200- and 300-level (uneven course numbers) are for students pursuing a major or minor. Courses focus on language, literature, and culture emphasizing the modern period (18th century to the present);

Courses taught in English on the 200- and 300-level (even course numbers) provide a basis for the understanding of the intellectual and cultural life of Germany for students who are not proficient in German but very much interested in learning about Germany and Europe.

Occasionally, the department may offer courses with reading in German but discussion in English. Some Lecture courses taught in English may offer a German discussion section for extra credit.

Find out what German courses every undergraduate should take.

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