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Related Programs

Work In Related Programs

In addition to Yiddish studies which is an integral part of the department, there are a large number of related disciplines with which students are encouraged to associate themselves. Seminars corresponding to those in the department are regularly offered by graduate programs in several other literary traditions, Comparative Literary Studies, Classics, History, Art History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Screen Culture. The faculty at Northwestern is particularly noted for its expertise in such fields as continental philosophy, political theory, eighteenth-century studies, nineteenth-century narrative, the history of modernism, and media studies. The German department and associated graduate programs regularly invite distinguished international visitors for both concentrated colloquia and extensive seminars. During their course of study, we also encourage our students to apply for the Paris Program in Critical Theory.

Paris Program In Critical Theory

The Northwestern University Paris Program in Critical Theory is directed by Professor Samuel Weber, Avalon Professor of the Humanities at Northwestern University. This program gives advanced graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with French and European theoretical research by spending one year in Paris. The Program provides full fellowship support for one year to up to five highly qualified graduate students from Northwestern. In the fall quarter, students participate in a weekly interdisciplinary seminar organized by Professor Weber. The Director also assists students in making contact with leading European scholars and researchers in their respective fields. Students spend the rest of the year in study and/or research according to their individual projects. Ph.D. students who have advanced to candidacy by the fall of the year they will spend in Paris and who have sufficient knowledge of French to be able to function in an academic setting can apply.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative

Graduate students in Humanities and related fields are encouraged to participate in the Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative, a program designed to help graduate students during their academic career at Northwestern by fostering connections with students and faculty in other programs with whom they might have natural intellectual affinities. Interdisciplinary clusters in different areas of intellectual inquiry have been developed by faculty across schools and programs and will provide a second intellectual home. Clusters offer their own discrete courses as well as sponsor a number of activities and events for students and faculty. Prospective students have the opportunity to select on their application to graduate school the cluster with which they would like to affiliate, though choosing a cluster is not a requirement for admission. Students may affiliate with a cluster at any point during their study at Northwestern. For more information, visit the website of the graduate school.

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