Joshua Winchester Ph.D Student

Winchester is a Ph.D. student in Comparative Literary Studies with a home department in German and is associated with the Program in Critical Theory. Their current research focuses on the history of the idea of freedom incompatible with the will from the Protestant reformation to the end of World War II.

Winchester holds both a BA and MA from New York University. They received a BA in Comparative Literature as well as Creative Writing and an MA in German Studies under the advisement of Avital Ronell.

Winchester is currently concerned with the history of ideas in philosophy and literature. Their focus is on early modern, transcendental, and post-structural philosophy from Michel de Montaigne to Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche and Emmanuel Levinas. With respect to literature, there is no categorical focus, but research in the original language is largely limited to English-, French-, German-, and Spanish-language literatures.

Winchester's other interests include psychoanalysis, the site occupied by an "accident (eventum)" in literary and philosophical thought, the political intersection of Antigone across various discourses, queer theory and its relationship to mimesis, the radical sameness of the other, racism and race philosophy, relief objects of ideology, the affects of shame and apathy, the practice of documenting identities as well as the corollary oppression of play instituted through such norms of objectivity.