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Jan Behrs

Visiting DAAD Professor

Ph.D., Humboldt-Universität Berlin 2012

Jan Behrs is DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of German. He received his Ph.D. in German Literature in 2012 from Humboldt University in Berlin. His dissertation focused on the interdependence between literature and literary scholarship: What does it mean for literature if it is constantly monitored by scholars, as it has been the case in Germany at least since the late 19th century? The work appeared under the title “Der Dichter und sein Denker” (Stuttgart: Hirzel 2013). He also wrote a book on transfer of knowledge in scientific communities (together with Benjamin Gittel and Ralf Klausnitzer: Wissenstransfer. Konditionen, Praktiken, Verlaufsformen der Weitergabe von Erkenntnis. Bern: Lang 2013). The topics of recent articles include Axel Honneth’s theory of recognition and its application in literary studies (Anerkannt oder kleingehackt? Einige Spezifika literarischer Anerkennung am Beispiel von Hubert Fichtes Roman Die Palette, in A. Albrecht/T. Venzl/M. Schramm: Literatur und Anerkennung. Wechselwirkungen und Perspektiven, Berlin 2017) and late Goethe (Wann beginnt Goethes Spätwerk? Dichtung und Wahrheit als Schwellentext, in K. Sina/D. Wellbery: Goethes Spätwerk / On Late Goethe, forthcoming).

Before coming to Northwestern, he taught at the universities of Stuttgart and Kiel and worked as a copy editor in a publishing house. His teaching and research interests include the sociology of literature, theories of newness and innovation in literary scholarship, German baroque literature, the literary canon and its fringes, and contemporary German literature and film.


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