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Spring Quarter 2010

The Department of German and The International Research Institute for Cultural Technologies and Media Philosophy Weimar/Erfurt/Jena present:

Fading Figures: Figures of Fading

Figuren des Entzugs


Hardin Hall 633 Clark St.

Friday, May 14, 2010 from 8:30 am to 6 pm

Co-sponsored by the German Interdisciplinary Group, the Alice Kaplan Institute
for the Humanities, the Center for Global
Culture and Communication,
The Graduate School, and the
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences


Session 1 (8:30-10:45):

Opening Remarks
Sam Weber/Northwestern

“Besitzergreifung durchs Werk. Über possessive Mimesis bei Platon und Borges”
Friedrich Balke/Weimar

“Luziferische Stürze und Apotheosen. Über die Enden des Benjaminschen Trauerspiel-Buchs”
Bettine Menke/Erfurt

Mediality of the Street as Irreducible ‘Entzug’”
David Sittler/Weimar

“The Big Street Robbery. Documentation of a Parisian Crime”
Joke de Wolf/Weimar

Session 2 (11:15-12:45):

“Kafka, Brod, and the Disappearing Plane”
Peter Fenves/Northwestern

“Going Cold Turkey: The Shock of Withdrawal in Hoffmann and Nietzsche”
Robert Ryder/Northwestern

“Lavater and Levinas on Traits that Withdraw”
Peter Jaros/Northwestern

Session 3 (14:15-15:45):

“Cybernetic Automata and the Elusive Figure of Reason”
Bernard Geoghegan/Northwestern

“Fading in Emergence: The disappearance of theory at the up-coming of media as object of studies”
Jana Mangold/Weimar

“Motion Sickness: Glass, the Modern Medical Museum, Cinema”
Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece/Northwestern

Session 4 (16:15-17:45):

“Slum Cinema”
Dilip Gaonkar/Northwestern

“Ending, Folding, Fading: Globalization and the Wakes of Cinema”
Christopher Bush/Northwestern

“Lost in Time. On temporal withdrawal as a figure of serial development in ABC’s drama series ‘Lost’”
Sven Weber/Weimar


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